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My name is Bipasha van der Zijde and I’m a freelance communications and research consultant. What does that include, you’re wondering?

In a nutshell

I write, edit, gather and compile content for any medium. For example, I could write an article for your corporate magazine or website, or I could develop and monitor your communication strategy, project manage the content development for your website, or even compile the magazine from scratch. I could even edit your annual report or compile and layout the whole thing in InDesign. Ok, you get the message.

It all began

almost 12 years ago when I graduated with a Masters in International Journalism from Cardiff University. For a while I worked with a few magazines and publishing houses in London, but my heart lay in the development sector. Not long after, I moved to The Netherlands and I started working with organisations in the development sector there. I started off working full time and decided to freelance a few years later. Since then I’ve worked on a myriad of assignments, where the deadlines were tight and the stakes were high, for a variety of sectors like gender equality, global health, agriculture, human rights and many more.

The common denominator in all my work has been my wish to share my clients’ hard fought victories with the rest of the world. To cast a spotlight on the triumph of humanity over adversity from areas that are otherwise only associated with war, famine, poverty or despair. To make these stories stand out amongst all the others that are clamouring for a few seconds of our attention. And finally, to thwart the barrage of bad news with some good.

My clients may be scattered around the world but I have set up my tools in a windy little corner of Amsterdam.

So now that you know a little about me, what can I do for you?

  • Bipasha has proven to be a reliable professional and we know that when we hire her, the job will be done well and without a fuss.

    Annelyn Close Global Marketing & Communications Adviser - SNV WASH
  • Bipasha is extremely honest and has a strong sense of responsibility. In working with her I have come to know her as a person with high standards of integrity.

    Vinita Salomé Freelance Photographer
  • Bipasha is very conscientious about timeline and has good communication skills. She can create a story with minimum input, by putting it in the right context with the right research and right questions.

    Anita Ramharakh Netherlands Institute of Multiparty Democracy
  • It was not only her abilities to craft her own text and edit other writers’ text with care and due consideration that markedly impressed me but her sheer professionalism and overall approach to her work and colleagues.

    Mhairi Dunlop Director Communications

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