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Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.

Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

Lighting fires in hearts and minds while appearing professional and reassuring investors can be quite a balancing act. By knowing your audience; sharing the knowledge and expertise you have in your particular voice and tone; and using the different platforms you’re on, this balance can be achieved.

What’s more, you message will have such a specific timbre, that your voice will rise above the din of voices constantly vying for their attention.

Through your website

A fresh, professional point of view can do wonders to convey your story in an engaging and accessible way. Particularly on your website. Words For Everything will craft your content based the context established in your content strategy. If you don’t have a strategy one can easily be developed for you.

The context-oriented content will then use search engine optimisation tools  to draw in new visitors and urge your visitors (old and new) to the take that much sought after action.

Communication strategies

In my experience communication strategies are often treated as an afterthought. Something to devise when things don’t go as expected. The same experience has also shown me that starting any venture, project or financial year with a new or updated strategy can vastly improve the success of the endeavour.

Let’s delve into your existing corporate plans, learn from your target audience’s likes and dislikes and align your key messages and tools to the goals of the organisation. Let’s create a comprehensive communication strategy. This could bolster your communications and contribute exponentially to the reach of your organisation’s work and impact.

Articles, blogs, research reports

Often, despite investing precious resources into commissioning reports they languish unread in the annals of the organisation’s online library. These reports are a veritable treasure trove of your innovative work and human-interest stories. Why not use them? Whittle them down to a few hundred words, add a few apt quotes and photos, and transform them into articles or blogs that are accessible to everyone.

By working together we can convert your somewhat technical reports into succinct articles, or transform a complex text into an engaging narrative that draws in your readers.

Annual reports and

Your annual reports are vital sources of information for investors, prospective employees and supporters. A good annual report showcases the right figures and data and highlights your organisation’s impact while ensuring all the content is transparent, professional and accessible (and of course is in line with the law of the land).

But transforming reams of data collected from your many international offices can be challenging – to put it mildly.

With Words for Everything you can rest assured that your stakeholders will have no doubt of your work ethic and the positive impact your work has on millions of lives around the world.

Corporate identity

And last but not least, your corporate identity; your brochures, flyers, banners etc. are an excellent way to share your story, your vision, your goals and increase your impact.

Let’s work together to create content that connects. Let’s use your brochures to share your story in a way that draws your readers in and inspires them to support your theory of change and your programmes.

5-Step Approach to The Seamless Delivery of Your Communication Products


 1. Connect – with the clients to understand their values, their audience’s needs and their challenges.



2. Research and Evaluate  – what has already been done to avoid reinventing the wheel. Build on existing knowledge.




3. Discover –  new ways to tell the client’s story based on the  previous two steps.  Offer these new insights to the client. And get ready for the next step!



 4. Create – a new story, article, strategy, research report and new way of telling the client’s tales. Use new angles and shed light on stories that will draw in and engage their audience.



 5. Disseminate – these valuable gems through the right medium. Tailor-make the story for each medium.

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