Arctic GlaciersI recently had an eye-opening conversation about climate change with a childhood friend of mine. We happened to start discussing some of projects I’d been working on. At some point in our conversation I suddenly realized that I spend so much time talking to people who are already embedded in the topic and the looming climate crisis that I had made a horrible assumption. I had assumed that most people know about the intricacies of the looming crisis.

This friend of mine is a neurologist, she teaches neurology and she’s studying epidemiology in her free time. So, she’s busy! She doesn’t have the time to delve into the climate crisis too. She’s too busy solving the health crisis.

That got me thinking, perhaps I could write down some questions that came up and make a sort of FAQ on the climate crisis for those people who don’t have the time to research it on their own.

I’m not a climate scientist, but as a communications and research consultant it is my job to know how to find answers to the questions and communicate them in an accessible fashion.

If you have questions you’d like to add to the list or sources that provide easy information, please feel free to email me!

Read the FAQ here.

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